Live Performance

Clara is a seasoned performer in many genres of music. One of her favorite things to do is to fill out and elevate the sound of a band through instrumental and harmonic support. Clara plays the piano, guitar, banjo, electric bass, and drums. Having an over two-octave vocal range, she can sing lead or harmonies (soprano or baritone). Clara brings versatility and expression to each act that she supports. She is proficient at sight-reading, improvisation, transposition, accompaniment, and has absolute pitch (perfect pitch). Clara is available to travel and play in all 50 states in the U.S. and asks that you email with your questions. 


Session work

Clara is an experienced recording artist in a number of genres. She enjoys helping artists realize their musical goals. She can be hired to perform as a session musician (guitar, piano, banjo, electric bass, drums, vocals) for your audio projects, including but not limited to commercial recordings, demo tapes, audition materials, and art/film projects. She brings to each recording session the consistency, flexibility, and expressiveness she has gained through her years of musical training. Clara is proficient at sight-reading, improvisation, transposition, and accompaniment. She has worked with many different kinds of ensembles in both classical and popular styles. Because each musical project is unique, Clara asks that you email with your needs and ideas.


Clara will license her original audio files for use in advertising, media, art/film projects, and the like. For more information, please visit the contact tab of this website.


Clara maintains a private studio for children and adults who want to learn piano, guitar, voice, banjo, bass, oboe, music theory, and/or songwriting at any level. For more information about private lessons please send an email inquiry to